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Flowers Speak   Nov 2020

The value of flowers is not only limited on their appearance, they serve as a powerful messenger, expressing emotions, feelings and freedom.It is a hand-drawn zine about finding inner peace and beauty amidst the ridiculous world and difficult times we’re in.

36pp | digital 4C print | string binding (A5)
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31 Dec 2020 23:61   Nov 2020

2020 has been a bad year and seems never ends. This is a commemorative risograph zine collaborated with my friend Hannah.

32pp | risograph 5C print | string binding (A5) 
Jobless   Jan 2020

A risograph zine which explores the sporadical thoughts of being unemployed in the busy city that is Hong Kong, the sense of being directionless, the weightless of idling and imagines a completely different way of life outside the concrete urban jungle.

32pp | risograph 4C print | string binding (A5)
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